27. November 2019 - RUSH-HOUR ...the Band

Rush-Hour – Can´t explain feat. Florian Wöss

Unser Bonustrack unserer CD “from silence to rush” als Video aus dem Frogmountain Tonstudio. Hi guys! Here’s our first video from the music studio frogmountain records from our new album “from silence to rush”. Hope you enjoy!…
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24. November 2019 - RUSH-HOUR ...the Band

Rush-Hour – As hard as i try

“As hard as I try” – OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO Website: Facebook:… Instagram:… Recorded/Produced by Florian Wöss / Frogmountain Records Mastering by Michael Haider / Alpha Mastering Produced by Rush-Hour … the Band Camera/Directed by Thomas Wedam / Framefactory
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